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Our industry has been built on the ideology that strong client relationships are enough to build a successful business, but if you cannot process your client’s needs effectively they will never come back.

Make lasting changes

You know the story. You attend a training course, you learn something new, and you vow to do things differently ... But you don’t. Work piles up while you’re away, and you find yourself behind and playing catch up before you’ve even begun. Do you want to know why and do something about it?

Business by design

In an industry that can be obsessed with league tables and trophies, why not create a business that works for you, your clients, and life goals? Let's get you running your own race! Be the best possible version of you...

Learn how to improve sales through service excellence.

Repeat business is not just about how great you are with your client, it’s about meeting your client’s needs and getting the loan settled. Whether you have support in submitting your applications or not, the need for an effective process is critical and moving up the business results ladder requires a shift in focus from outward selling to internal processing. It’s about building a clear process for every part of your business, being consistent with your service, and delivering what you promise.

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I'm taking 30 years of experience, learning, and delivery and provide all that and more right here. Not only will you have access to the award-winning Broker Essentials masterclass, you will also have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with brokers just like you. 

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What if we could stack the deck in your favour? What if you had a roadmap that could get you to the destination faster and more efficiently? What would you do? What you take this opportunity? Broker Essentials Revolution is designed to take you through all aspects of your business, to provide you insights, exposure and the right tools for the right job at the right time. The correct strategy executed at the wrong time or incorrectly won't get you to where you want to go. So lets do this right and together...

Built on the right foundations

Broker Essentials is built on getting the core elements of your business right from the start, being the Client, Process, and Measurement of your business. The Revolution program will take you deep into what you are required to do in your business right now to deliver the results you want.

Your Award Winning Program

Check out this behind the scene look at the award-winning Broker Essentials Revolution program and what to expect.


Behind the scenes

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What does the future hold for you?

We have never been in a more disruptive time in history. Now more than ever you need to be focusing on running an agile business and not just selling loans. The future will be favourable to those that reimagine the customer experience and what this will look like in 2021 and beyond. How will you adapt to the ever changing needs of the market? Join us now to explore all of these questions and more. Be on the cutting edge of change with Broker Essentials Revolution. Let us help you create the business you always wanted!

Frequently Asked Questions

Revolution Membership: As a Gold or Platinum member, each week you will get direct access to award-winning Broker Business Mentor, Jason Back.  Every week for the next year, you will be invited to join special workshops covering all aspects of your business and where you will be able to ask Jason any questions you have about your business and get specialist advice on what to do next. You will have access to a range of other experts in their fields of marketing, credit, HR, sales, and much more.

When you join the Revolution you will be connected with like-minded Brokers who are looking to grow their businesses and are just as passionate about it as you are! To help you stay connected we have created a clients only community group. Here you will be able to ask any question you want, share your experiences, get connected with the best of the best and of course, share you wins every week.

You will also have access to the ward winning Broker Essentials Masterclass for you and your staff (virtual) and all the resources within the Revolution site.


There is no limit on how long you can stay with the Revolution group, however, there is a minimum of a 1-year commitment, where you can access the program and resources as often as you want or need. 

We will be delivering a variety of programs to you that will range from Q&A sessions to Technology reviews, Workshops, Keynotes, and interviews. All will be available for you to review. So don't worry if you are not available on the day!

Yes, you can cancel at any time. There is a one-year minimum commitment and any payments will be forfeited on cancellation during that time. There is a 30-day money-back guarantee after purchase should you change your mind or find the program, not for you.

The membership is for only 1 broker per registration. However, if you have non-writing staff such as CSM or other support staff we welcome up to 3 per membership. For larger broker groups please contact us to discuss a group rate.

"I have worked with Jason for more than 12 months. I started my business in 2006 and I’ve been in Banking since 1997, and I haven’t met anyone who knows more about process and people. He’s been instrumental in not only my business growth, but in helping me understand and shape a business that makes me smile. It’s an emotional and draining game and we’re all heavily invested so a coach that knows what to say to get you thinking about what you want and the big picture, is crucial in my view. I highly recommend Jason and the Broker Essentials Revolution program."

Karl Bower
Director Bower & Co

"This course is an absolute must for anyone wanting to excel as a Finance Broker. I have loved every topic and the Friday group sessions have helped me plan and develop my business in a measured and targeted way with the direction that I did not have before. Jason's advice and knowledge have proven to be invaluable. I have loved being part of this program."

Alyssa Russo
Director Loan Market Broadbeach

"The revolution group takes Mortgage Broking professional development to the next level. It's not one of those PD days that tell you what you should be doing, they take you through it step by step helping you to do it and keeping you accountable to implement it. They cover a very diverse range of topics to ensure you are focusing on improving all aspects of your business. I could not recommend it higher to any broker looking to take their business to the next level."

Phil Verheijen

"I signed up for the Broker Essentials Revolution course with Jason Back in July 2021 and in the 12 months the program has not only helped give me a better understanding of the process, of hiring staff, marking, and leads…, but it has also helped me to set up my processing from meeting clients for the first time to pass settlement. The program also gives me a lot of very practical tools to take back and implement into your business immediately. The weekly questions Q&A and Weekly training are so valuable. Jason is also easy to take to and he listened to what you want for your business. The program has different stages for me to grow my business which is so much valuable for me. I can listen back to all the recorded If I missed the coaching. I highly recommend this for any broker looking to grow themselves and scale their business."

Director EZ Finance

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